What We Offer

Glass Printing

To have a unique and long-lasting printing on glass, you need a digital flatbed printer which can directly print on glass. With our flatbed UV glass printer, amazing glass prints can be achieved in bright multi-color, high resolution and fast speed.

Our Industrial flatbed UV glass printers use LED-UV curing technology to achieve faster, uniform, eco-friendly and energy-saving latest technology ink curing. It does not require separate curing process. We are confident that it can obviously improve production efficiency and shorten delivery time, suitable for both short run production and mass production. Understanding your needs, we, customise almost every design of Glass UV flatbed printing, offer you customized solutions for your glass printing needs.

Acrylic Printing

UV flatbed machine helps in printing products and services on rigid material-including acrylic surfaces. With our flatbed acrylic UV printer, you can make high-end, color-bright and vivid acrylic prints. The ink is eco-friendly and the colors presented are bright and saturate. The acrylic sheet printed can be used for signs, decoration, billboard, cabinets etc. Thus, choose us for premium quality printing techniques and get a picture-perfect design printed on the rigid surface.

Wood & MDF Printing

Wood is an earthy material that gives you a sense of warmth in anything you use. If you are looking for a way to surprise someone with an amazing gift or want to use the material for yourself, go for our printing solutions that allows you to add a personal touch to the material and add more uniqueness to it. We assure you the best in quality as always.

Rexine & Leather Printing

Leather is a durable material that’s perfect for clothing, upholstery, gifts, phone cases, interior décor, furniture, sports equipment and much more besides. For leather printing, our digital leather printing machines use high-quality and high-adhesive UV soft ink. When the leather material is folded or bent, it will not cause any pattern deformation and fading.

Compared to traditional leather printing, UV printing on leather is easier and more economical. We ensure that the UV ink bonds with leather and similar materials to adopt its natural texture and flexibility, meaning prints won’t crack or peel. This makes the ink technology perfect for customising fashion items like leather belts, shoes and jackets, turning everyday clothing into luxury, must-have products.

Canvas Printing

Whether you decorate your living room, bedroom, study room or office, whether the style you love is modern, retro or full of artistic sense, our flatbed UV canvas printer can give you excellent solutions with the capability to deliver amazing fine art prints with various effects.

Metal Printing

Using high-adhesion UV printing ink, our flatbed UV printer has the capability of printing wear-resistant and lasting images on aluminum sheets. We deliver stable working performance and high resolution. Whether it is for creating wall prints, large format aluminum partition walls, aluminum ceilings, signs or boxes, brilliant metal aluminum printing can be achieved.

Signage & Foam Board Printing

Printable Foam is a compete smooth and white foam material. Suitable for direct printing with UV-Flatbed printer and for illuminated signage. UV-printed Print Foam boards can be contour cut with perfect results according to your choices.

Customised Gifts

In the growing competitive world, where everyone prefers to be unique and innovative in all the possible ways, we understand you and cater to the needs and aspirations of your inner self which not only gets satisfied but also delights for sure. Hyper-personalization of everyday gifting objects is a key strength of U2V Prints. Name an object, and it’s highly likely that we can print it.(Subject to dimensions).