To be unique, vibrant and value our customers in the space of UV printing technology

Who We Are

We specialize in delivering high quality UV prints on flat surfaces to clients across India. With a decade experience in digital printing and technology know-how, we have made U2V Prints, a brand name to rely on in the printing industry.

Highlights of our large format UV flatbed eco-friendly machine includes Japanese print heads which marks a resolution ranging from 300-2200 dpi. The colours are exactly matched with ICC standard color codes for perfect result.

Equipped with hi-tech machinery, we print directly onto materials like Glass, wood, acrylic, leather, foam board, metal, canvas, fabric, clear vinyl, reflective vinyl, and other special materials.

Our USP is ‘Quality’ and we are determined in our vision of commitment to quality which has made us prevail in one of the top positions in the industry. We do not compromise on quality at any cost. We are passionate about the finest, timely execution, most cost-effective printing services and commitment to great customer service.


While conventional printing method involves inks which dry or cure through their binding agents, UV Print inks are specially formulated inks that are exposed to ultra-violet (UV) lights, which causes them to strengthen / harden instantly on the substrate. The most important feature of UV is the end products involve high levels of gloss or dull coating, vivid colour and vibrant detail.

Superior rub resistance and no post-cure drying process makes UV, the technique of choice for most of the applications. UV Printing is notable for the superior results it can achieve on difficult substrates, from uncoated paper and board to foil and especially plastic, including synthetic papers, static cling vinyl and lenticular. The ability to "lay down" layers of opaque white or metallic, and then print over it in a single pass, merely hints at the versatility of the UV process.

Finally, unlike conventional offset inks, energy-curable UV inks are solvent-free and dry via exposure to high-energy electrical power, a process that generates no by-products and is free of emissions. UV Varnish is Eco-friendly unlike conventional BOPP or PVC Lamination and have longer shelf life and Higher Gloss properties.